Fraud on our affiliate network is negligible, because we carry out strict traffic-quality screening to ensure publishers are not using fraudulent or unethical methods to drive traffic and sales. We also have robust quality controls in place for specific activities such as email and cashback campaigns.

Traffic Quality

We protect your campaign through strict traffic monitoring, including routine analysis of data patterns, spikes and inconsistencies to ensure quality standards are maintained and any instances of abuse are rooted out. Our systems automatically notify our account team of any suspicious activity, who then follow a robust resolution process to ensure quality is maintained.

Email campaign controls

We do everything we can to mitigate the risks associated with email marketing, to protect both your brand and your customers. We apply strict policies in areas such as vetting email partners, permissions, data protection and regulation, data integrity and DPA compliance, content approval and suppression-list management.

Cashback campaign controls

We apply specific controls to mitigate the potential risks of cashback fraud or abuse. Working with our cashback partners, we’ve developed policies on extended validation periods, data-verification processes, mandatory and recommended controls restricting payment options, frequencies and terms.

You can specify individual terms and conditions for cashback activity on your programme. Our proprietary cashback query management process ensures effective management of queries, disputes or untracked transactions, so your brand values are maintained and your customers enjoy a great cashback experience.