We are the only UK performance marketing company to hold an FCA licence, giving financial clients the reassurance that we are expert in legislation, regulation and compliance management for this sector.
Our staff are very mindful of the impact of wider regulation and monitoring issues. Each team member follows an induction programme followed by biannual ‘Refreshers’ and ‘Key Changes’ workshops to make sure their knowledge is always up to date.

We can also host workshops for you, to offer guidance and consultancy on key regulatory issues that may impact your promotions. This gives you the reassurance and confidence to continue investing in your campaigns.


The performance-marketing sector places a strong focus on professionalism, quality and standards. Because the industry landscape is so innovative, and sometimes complex, collaboration is essential – and we are proud to take the lead.

We play a key role in the IAB’s Performance Marketing Council, chairing the Legislation and Standards Committee and playing an influential role in improving standards across the industry. Examples include:

  • The Advertiser Standards Charter, which seeks to ensure transparency around payment terms, sale validation, rejection processes and permissible promotion terms.
  • The Publisher Standards Charter, which seeks to crystallise the overriding principles and key practices that publishers should adhere to.
  • The Voucher Code of Conduct, which seeks to encourage the positive and sustainable development of this hugely popular and commercially important channel, while maintaining consumers’ confidence in vouchers as a purchasing method.
  • The Behavioural Retargeting Guide, which defines important standards to ensure robust policies are in place for cookie duration and hierarchy, controlled distribution and consumer privacy.
  • The Downloadable Software Code of Conduct, which seeks to ensure that toolbars and software installed on consumers’ machines are used responsibly and only promoted with advertisers’ permission, while giving consumers the power to control the software and uninstall it if they wish.
  • The EU Privacy Directive, which seeks to ensure that website users are informed and consent to the use of cookies during their use of websites.